Who Are We?


Single-origin craft coffee roasted right here in Hendersonville

Independent Beans is the brainchild of Matthew Hickman and Lisa Hoffman, founders of the acclaimed Underground Baking Company that sits just two doors down. When "Red" the owner of the Crystal Barber Shop decided to retire and close up shop after over a half century in business, Matthew and Lisa knew they could not just leave the beautiful spot empty. So in the winter of 2016 Matthew and Lisa got a roaster from a coffee shop in New york and transported the half-ton machine down to our neck of the woods. Matthew then went and learned the trade of coffee roasting from coffee roasters all around Western North Carolina and started his mission of connecting consumers with coffee growers through the art of roasting great coffee.

Opening in the summer of 2017, the new storefront at 346 7th Avenue will feature some pastries, as well as many delicious coffee drinks. There will be pourover coffee, and espresso made traditionally, so you can really taste the unique flavors and complexities of our beans in every sip.